Wreckey's Custom MIDI

I create custom-made MIDI controllers which can be mounted in 19" racks or Eurorack

Franksoil v4

Hey there! Thank you for checking out Wreckey's Custom MIDI. My name is Gaya Kessler and I create custom MIDI controllers and other music related gear for very specific use cases.

Gaya Kessler - Creator of Wreckey's

I program, build, and assemble everything by hand. Everything except for the parts themselves is completely DIY.

My background is in software development and have always had an interest in all things to do with making music.

Feel free to get in touch about any of my project or you want to discuss some custom work.

Projects I've Done

Let's get in touch!

Do you have any questions about my projects, want to have some custom work done for yourself or just want to elaborate? Email me at hi@wreckeys.com of drop a line below: